General information about tariffs and conditions

Few words about our house:

The rental area is about 210 square meters and it is most suitable for groups of 8 to 10 persons. However, smaller groups of 4 to 6 persons are welcomed as well. For this reason, the minimum rent has to involve 2 bedrooms.

A short description of the house to better understand the space:

Instead of the main entrance, more comfortable for our guests is the access from the parking area, directly into the huge living (dining) room. This is the lower floor. On the same floor, you will find the fully equipped kitchen, the sauna (with shower) and a toilet. On this level are available all the amenities and everything related to food and beverage, entertainment, TV and music, games, relaxation, gathering place, easy access to the terrace, to the rocking chair and the view, easy access to the cars or to the smoking areas outside; on the terrace or near the entrance.

Everything here is included as an important part of your accommodation.

Whether you just want to relax, or it is time for sleep, or you wish to use the bathrooms, the stairs will lead you to the top floor, where all 4 comfortable bedrooms and the 3 adjacent bathrooms are located close to each other.

All of them provide the same high standard of comfort, however, each bedroom is unique in sizes, views, design and furniture and for this reason, the prices might vary a little accordingly.

If you come as a part of a small group, you have the opportunity to choose your desired bedroom. In that case, we invite you to have a look at the pictures and read the details we provide about each bedroom, and according to your wish and your budget, feel free to book the exact bedrooms you want.

Whenever necessary, we are available to assist just one door away at the middle level. We are totally separated from the guest’s area, with separate entrance and facilities, yet comfortably close in case we have to provide our guests with breakfast, solve any problems or simply socialize.

By booking you confirm that you read, understood, and accepted the terms and conditions of our property.

View from the area

Some suggestions of excursions, road distances, airport distances and time stamps


  • Villach – 50 km; 30min
  • Klagenfurt – 80 km; 50min  – Airport
  • Salzburg – 200 km; 2h  – Airport
  • Vienna – 400 km; 4h – Airport
  • Innsbruck – 200 km; 3h
  • Alpine Road Grossglockner  – 100 km; 1h30min
  • Krimml Waterfall – 150 km; 2h
  • Kölnbrein Dam – 80 km; 1h
  • Plöcken Pass – 20km, 20min


  • München – 250 km; 3h – Airport
  • Neuschweinstein Castle – 300 km; 4h


  • Treviso – 210 km; 2 h 20 min  – Airport
  • Venice – 230 km; 2h 30min – Airport
  • To the beach at Adriatic Sea – Monfalcone – 150 km; 1h 30
  • To the beach at Adriatic Sea – Bibione – 170 km; 2h
  • Dolomiti – Tre Cime di Lavaredo – 120 km – 2 h
  • Lake Misurina – 110 km; 1 h 45
  • Cortina D’Ampezzo – 110 km; 1 h 45


  • Ljubljana – 160 km; 1h 50min – Airport
  • Bled Castle– 110 km; 1h 30min


  • Zürich,  – 470 km; 6h  – Airport
  • Rhine Waterfall – 490 km; 6h