The www.comfortandviews.com site is a commercial website that allows you to make room bookings at Comfort and Views Villa.

Use, including visiting and purchasing travel services at www.comfortandviews.com, implies acceptance of the detailed terms and conditions in the following paragraphs.

Our desire is to offer you an unforgettable experience in our guesthouse, setting out a series of rules that we respectfully ask you to keep in mind and respect.

Arrival and departure:

– Accommodation hours starting at 14.00 PM

– Rooms clearing until 10:00 AM

– Before you leave the quest house, we will inspect all the rooms together quickly.


Every person is accommodated by showing an ID card or passport, on arrival.

To ensure maximum comfort, the villa is designed to accommodate 8 guests (2 person for each bedroom).

However, if necessary, we can accommodate another 4 persons (2 persons on the sofa bed in the multi-functional room, one room has besides the double bed a sofa, and there is available also a folding bed which can be set up in one of the bedrooms, in the multi-functional room or elsewhere in the house). So, the maximum capacity is set for 12 persons. (Linen for each person included)

Accommodation for children up to 4 years is free of charge if extra bed, linen and towels are not requested.

Older children or adults are charged EUR 40 per night/person (if requested third person in room, or more than 8 person).

Any kind of extra person/bed needs to be requested and must be confirmed.

Reservation and information:

For booking fill out the form on the site, or contact us by email at contact@comfortandviews.com or comfortandviews@gmail.com

For more information, please contact us by phone: 0043 660 5970031, or WhatsApp related.

Reservation is guaranteed when an amount of at least 30% of the value is paid in advance.

The total amount has to be paid 14 days prior to the arrival date, or the latest on the arrival day prior to registration, in cash. 

Cancellation of the reservation:

Any reservation cancellation will be made by contacting us through any of the above-mentioned methods.

No penalty will be applied if cancellation is made at least 30 days before. The penalty is the equivalent of the advance payment.


These vary depending on the type of room chosen and the number of people.

Any supplementary person (more than 2 persons in one bedroom, or more than 8 persons) = 40 Euro/person/day

Cleaning fee = 25 Euro/bedroom/stay

City tax is 2,7 Euro/person/day

Payment methods:

Cash payment

Bank wire transfer.



The villa features a fire detection system and smoke sensors. Smoking inside is forbidden.

For the same reasons, we do not encourage the use of candles inside the guest house.


Public spaces are supervised by a video system.

Parking space and cars:

The guest house has private parking, in the specially designed area.


The general rule restricts the accommodation of pets (of any kind) in the house.


No visitors are permitted.

Environment protection:

It is a permanent concern. In Austria garbage is sorted and collected separately as follows: plastic, metal, paper, and household garbage. We appreciate the proper sorting and storage of garbage.

Food and Beverage Consumption:

Food and beverage storage and consumption will only take place at the lover level, in the kitchen, or in the multi-functional room. It is forbidden to consume or store food or drinks in bedrooms.

When leaving, customers will leave clean dishes.


The client is liable to the owner for damages to the furniture, carpet, or equipment of the pension, or the building. Amounts due for repair or repair of the damages incurred will be paid as soon as the damages have been assessed.

Please report any damages that occur while you are in the residence.


We expect our guests to have civilized, decent behavior, without disturbing the environment or the other occupants of the villa in any way.

The nature of bothering may be: sounds or noises produced after 23:00, non-compliance with the actual regulation, the causing of odours, discomfort or the waste of utilities of any kind, or misery.

We reserve the right to refuse to accommodate drunk, rude, turbulent or bad-minded clients who, by their attitude, damage the image of the guest house or disturb the owner, the neighbours or other clients. If this occurs during the stay, we reserve the right to ask customers who have such behavior to urgently leave the house.

[In the case of disobeying the owner’s request of leaving the house, customers become directly accountable to the Austrian Law and lose their right to return to this place again.]

General considerations:

Except for sanitary facilities, bathrooms, and kitchen, the entire villa is carpeted so that the shoes will remain at the entrance, and inside wearing will be in slippers (or in stockings).

If necessary, ski equipment will be stored in the adjacent storage place. No ski equipment inside the house.

The bedrooms are upstairs, the kitchen, the living room, and the sauna are 2 levels below, and the access is on the stairs.

Although the chances of this happening are extremely low, clients are aware that there is the possibility that at some point in the villa will be accommodated different groups or people. In this situation, the use of the kitchen and the living/entertainment room will be done in good mutual understanding.

The owner lives in the villa but has separate access, and does not interfere with the area allocated to tourists.

Final terms:

We will consider that any customer, when accessing any service offered by our guesthouse, has become aware of the above terms and conditions and has accepted them.